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Are you happy with that kind of check-in system that is already available at great platforms like foursquare? Does this kind of technology really meet the users desire to interact with his or her location data as they want it? I personally don't get the kick of "yeah that's a great thing to do" if i check in a place. That's a really passive user experience. You can see that x people have checked in the same place at this time or that friend xy has now checked in at that place. But what's about the real life problems that this kind of technology could solve? If you want to combine these two worlds, the online and the real world, you have to do it realtime. A check-in system can be useful, but a realtime system where you really see that your friend is now 10 minutes away from your house and you have the 10 minutes to prepare a surprise would in my understanding much more useful. There are many scenarios in which such a system can bring you a benefit in compare to a system where you check in a place when you are arrived (just to tell the world you have arrived).

We developed such a system. It's called meshU. It isn't perfect at it's current stage but it can bring you the online vs real world experience that you deserve! We are activly developing and releasing new versions every few weeks. We would be proud if you and your friends try it and tell us your thoughts!
Android: market://search?q=pname:com.meshu


Last monday i submitted a new release of meshU's iPhone client to Apple and since then i'm awaiting the review to take place. A new release on the android is available in the marketplace since last night...this steady waiting on apple really annoys me.
But yeah, the new release has major improvements implementent, actually i've rewritten the whole app the past two weeks. The big new feature of the new version is the chat. It's not the facebook chat, it's our own chat-system. This give you a major advantage, you can chat with someone who isn't your facebookfriend. If you downloaded the first version of the app and started it the first time, you just would see yourself and propably think "ok, and now?". To change this, we implement a few features to give the user more ability to interact with people, e.g. chat, wall post, invite friends.


meshU for iPhone finally got approved by Apple and is available in the store:
itunes: itms://