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The past few weeks, atom has put an extreme amount of work on backporting all the nice features from oclhashcat-lite into a new version of oclhashcat-plus. This work is now nearly done, the betatesting went well and progress has been made.

You may raise the main question of "what has changed?", simple answer alot!

As a mattereffect of not wanting to paste the whole changelog i simply put the following statement in front of this release: oclhashcat-plus will be the first GPGPU DES multihash cracker in the world!

So far so good. As soon as atom is willing to release it, i will write up a summary and conclusions of the changes.

Be prepared!


Atom just released a quick fix version.

The 0.04 suffered from two bugs in the restore function:

--restore-timer aborted oclHashcat
--restore was not using correct position