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Today atom released his new version of oclhashcat-plus, which is quiet frankly a major step forward in my eyes. The release notes are overwhelming and i am very proud of atom and his work. For the first time he focused a little more on usability and han… more »
The whole testing and bugfixing is finished, atom released oclhashcat-lite! You can download it at http://hashcat.net/oclhashcat-lite/ Cheers atom! more »
Atom implemented so called session in oclhashcat-lite. A session is nothing more then the default implementation of the restore feature with the possibility to mange multiple sessions. It's a pretty handy feature that i think will be frequently used.… more »
There was a lot happening around the hashcat community the last days. Since the leak of oclhashcat-lite a few users of the SL3 community choosed a more direct connection to the hashcat cummunity. Atom is pretty happy about the turn of events. So far we… more »
d3ad0ne write up some pretty good article about applying the so called fingerprint attack. As an addition of the orginial appliance he added some tools of iPhelix that makes the attack more transparent and easier to apply. The article: http://ob-secu… more »