oclhashcat-lite new session feature

Atom implemented so called session in oclhashcat-lite.
A session is nothing more then the default implementation of the restore feature with the possibility to manage multiple sessions.
It's a pretty handy feature that i think will be frequently used.
Here is an example of how it will work:

oclhachcat-lite64.bin --session site01.oclhc --restore

In the meantime a beta tester confirmed that hashcat pefroms well on the ATI 6990, no problems at all!

Another maybe even more interesting new part especially of the lite version is a protection against crackers. After a session with atom i came up with a way to protect hashcat against such hillarious things that happened two weeks ago. I don't want to go in the detail but, atom has adpted my advice, enhanced it, implemented it and gave it two "real" crackers to check if it would work. One of the crackers couldn't do the job and the other one sayed that he just had a little luck. The one that got it gave the last hint to make it really hard for others to copy this piece of software.
So long, if these guys out there are such good to get it, they should do some more constructive things instead!

Big thanks to the two guys that gave us their time!