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The past few weeks, atom has put an extreme amount of work on backporting all the nice features from oclhashcat-lite into a new version of oclhashcat-plus. This work is now nearly done, the betatesting went well and progress has been made. You may ra… more »
Yes, it's true, the new version of oclhashcat-lite is ready for release! There are a few great improvements in the 0.04, to mention a few: - DES(Unix) - MSSQL - SL3 - Oracle 11G As you see, atom again put a great amount of work into the new ve… more »
As quoted in my last hashcat trailer "hashcat is a bitch that never sleeps" i'm glad to announce a atom is working on the oclhashcat-lite-0.04b! Despite the release of the long expected version 0.02 lasts now only 5 days and still SL3 guys are flood… more »