oclhashcat-lite 0.04 Release mayor milestone

Yes, it's true, the new version of oclhashcat-lite is ready for release!
There are a few great improvements in the 0.04, to mention a few:

- DES(Unix)
- improved SL3 kernel
- Oracle 11G

As you see, atom again put a great amount of work into the new version. The support of the above mentioned algorythm lift oclhashcat-lite on a new level. For instance the new SL3 kernel brings a significant performance improve and should make a lot of the most new users happy. And of course the support for DES(Unix) of which atom was bothered since the beginning is a huge milestone.
These are just the big new features, there are plenty of little features and bugfixes that would blow this post, please take a look at the changes, it's worth it!

There is a new feature in the v0.04 that looks tiny and easily could unintentionally be skipped by most of the users but it is really powerfull and my brain imediatly started thinking as i heared about it. The feature i am talking about is the outfile-watchdog. This tiny feature forces hashcat to check the outfile every x seconds (60 by default) for found hashes and aborts the attack if the hash is found.
So, this doesn't sound very powerful at first but let me show you my thoughts. In the past you were able to distribute hashcat over several nodes by splitting the masks or by splitting the hashlist. If you split the mask you came across the problem that if one of your nodes found the hash, the other nodes would still continue it's attack until the hit the end of their mask.
There are a few projects out there that have a central webservice distributing the hashes and partial masks, with that you are now able to build your own fully automated cluster if you add a daemon that continuously fetches the found hashes in addition to the hashlist and masks. Imagine a fully automated and flexible cloud that you can control through a webinterface.
Just with a click you can create as many nodes as you want, add a hashlist and start an attack within minutes. This would be mindblowing on amazon if they would have AMD GPUs instead of Teslas. In a few words, this feature makes distributed environments so much more attractive!

Cheers to the users that build their own low-budget rigs. It makes us and especially atom really proud to the those pictures of homegrown gpu farmes!


Beware of the cat!