oclhashcat-lite 0.04 Beta news

As quoted in my last hashcat trailer "hashcat is a bitch that never sleeps" i'm glad to announce a atom is working on the oclhashcat-lite-0.04b!

Despite the release of the long expected version 0.02 lasts now only 5 days and still SL3 guys are flooding the channel and the forum with their attendance atom has decided to pull the trigger on a feature that oclhashcat users are awaiting for quite longer. DES(unix). It's the world first implementation of this algorithm on amd/ati GPU and indeed the world fasted!

Let's face the facts, these days for example the most popular cracker JTR is able to do about 3.5M/sec in DES(unix) on a slightly overclocked (2.66 GHz to 3.6 GHz) CPU. You can imagine that state of the art multi CPU machines with special compiled version of JTR can do much more and are much more expensive (one XEON MP X7550 will cost you about 2500 Eur, not to mention about the mainboard and ram) as you can see at JTR's wiki http://openwall.info/wiki/john/benchmarks.
Atom on the other side today showed us his FIRST example on erebus, you remember the box with 8x6970. His demonstration showed amazing results. Keep in mind that this is atom's first try without optimizations at all! I'm pretty courious how much he can optimize it.
Be prepared!