oclhashcat and SL3 rumors - FAQ

There was a lot happening around the hashcat community the last days. Since the leak of oclhashcat-lite a few users of the SL3 community choosed a more direct connection to the hashcat cummunity. Atom is pretty happy about the turn of events. So far we got informed the SL3 community knows that guy pretty well who actually leaked oclhc-lite. It was also pretty nice that the moderators of gsmhosting deleted the thread quickly.

So, here are some quick facts especialy for the SL3 community:

Q: When will atom release oclhashcat-lite?
A: As soon as the new stream SDK is available.

Q: How much speed do i get with oclhashcat-lite?
A: You will get 20% speed gain in average.

Q: How much does oclhashcat-lite cost?
A: Nothing.

Q: does it support distributed cracking (multiple pcs)
A: yes, but you need to do it per hand, see blandys approach:

Q: can i run it with multiple gpus?
A: yes, but they need to be of the same type. for example: 2x5970 works, but not 1x5970 + 1x5870

Q: is it possible to restore a session?
A: yes

Q: do i need to run the cards in SLI / CrossFire mode?
A: NO! In Fact, you need to remove the hardware bridges and disable it in CCC otherwise it will not work

d3adOne did a quick example SL3 run on his machine and captured it: