meshU 1.1 upcoming

Last monday i submitted a new release of meshU's iPhone client to Apple and since then i'm awaiting the review to take place. A new release on the android is available in the marketplace since last night...this steady waiting on apple really annoys me.
But yeah, the new release has major improvements implementent, actually i've rewritten the whole app the past two weeks. The big new feature of the new version is the chat. It's not the facebook chat, it's our own chat-system. This give you a major advantage, you can chat with someone who isn't your facebookfriend. If you downloaded the first version of the app and started it the first time, you just would see yourself and propably think "ok, and now?". To change this, we implement a few features to give the user more ability to interact with people, e.g. chat, wall post, invite friends.