What can you do if you get this:

ERROR: clGetDeviceIDs() -1

- are you logged in as the user who has opened the X session?

- did you use "export DISPLAY=:0"?

- is your display manager configed correctly?
(gdm example config: )

- did you get the latest driver?

Xanadrel_> Final result : only atom can use oclHashcat :D


There was a lot happening around the hashcat community the last days. Since the leak of oclhashcat-lite a few users of the SL3 community choosed a more direct connection to the hashcat cummunity. Atom is pretty happy about the turn of events. So far we got informed the SL3 community knows that guy pretty well who actually leaked oclhc-lite. It was also pretty nice that the moderators of gsmhosting deleted the thread quickly.

So, here are some quick facts especialy for the SL3 community:

Q: When will atom release oclhashcat-lite?
A: As soon as the new stream SDK is available.

Q: How much speed do i get with oclhashcat-lite?
A: You will get 20% speed gain in average.

Q: How much does oclhashcat-lite cost?
A: Nothing.

Q: does it support distributed cracking (multiple pcs)
A: yes, but you need to do it per hand, see blandys approach:

Q: can i run it with multiple gpus?
A: yes, but they need to be of the same type. for example: 2x5970 works, but not 1x5970 + 1x5870

Q: is it possible to restore a session?
A: yes

Q: do i need to run the cards in SLI / CrossFire mode?
A: NO! In Fact, you need to remove the hardware bridges and disable it in CCC otherwise it will not work

d3adOne did a quick example SL3 run on his machine and captured it:


Many hashcat users are building up their crunshing systems based on Renderstream. If you want to put 8 GPUs in your system then renderstream is your choice.

Here is a great article about an actual implementation:


d3ad0ne write up some pretty good article about applying the so called fingerprint attack. As an addition of the orginial appliance he added some tools of iPhelix that makes the attack more transparent and easier to apply.

The article:

As an addition i'm glad to announce that d3ad0ne is now the proud holder of the world fastest hash cracking unit as you can see in this video:


It's a really mad world....A weird scriptkid leaked an old beta version of atom's oclhashcat-lite and tries to sell 50$ licenses in a SL3-cracking board. He calls it "BRuteforcer" and the language of all of his posts is wittness of his age and maturity.

Hello Guys,

today i got some bad news. It seems a oclHashcat-lite beta tester ripped me off and now sells his modified oclHashcat-lite version as a new SL3 unlocking solution. Needless to say this is clear violation of my EULA.

See here:

To all potential customers: The beta version this guys sells is not working.
The version has Bugs. It will find your hash only sporadically. Chances are 50/50.
The version does not support restore at all.
He says it works on windows with hd5970. He is wrong. oclHashcat-lite bases on OpenCL but OpenCL support for hd5970 it not yet working on windows. It is known the 2nd GPU does not work, see AMDs driver compatibility List:

It makes no sense to sell it. oclHashcat-lite will be free for all when i release it. I did not yet release it because it is not finished. Now i have to think about the consequences of this violation. I feel myself deceived.