oclHashcat-lite leaked

It's a really mad world....A weird scriptkid leaked an old beta version of atom's oclhashcat-lite and tries to sell 50$ licenses in a SL3-cracking board. He calls it "BRuteforcer" and the language of all of his posts is wittness of his age and maturity.

Hello Guys,

today i got some bad news. It seems a oclHashcat-lite beta tester ripped me off and now sells his modified oclHashcat-lite version as a new SL3 unlocking solution. Needless to say this is clear violation of my EULA.

See here:

To all potential customers: The beta version this guys sells is not working.
The version has Bugs. It will find your hash only sporadically. Chances are 50/50.
The version does not support restore at all.
He says it works on windows with hd5970. He is wrong. oclHashcat-lite bases on OpenCL but OpenCL support for hd5970 it not yet working on windows. It is known the 2nd GPU does not work, see AMDs driver compatibility List:

It makes no sense to sell it. oclHashcat-lite will be free for all when i release it. I did not yet release it because it is not finished. Now i have to think about the consequences of this violation. I feel myself deceived.