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I would like to advice you this neat peace of technology. You can easily create a HA storage backend with the Openfiler distri, DRBD and Heartbeat wich are built in the distri and only requiere some configuration to be ready to use.
I have built simple two-node cluster with two disks in raid-1 in each of the nodes. Then spanned the DRBD layer over it, activated Heartbeat and became happy.

A little summery of the steps:

- install 2 Openfiler nodes with your drive-setup
- create two DRBD devices (one for the metadata and the other for the data itself)
- configure Hearbeat
- change the location of the important configuration files to the metadata-DRBD-device via symlinks
- create a volumegroup
- create your shares

A very detailed and nice howto can be found here: