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If you are wondering that you can't find the task to shrink the virtual disk of your virtual machine, it's a kind of hidden.
First you have to mount this image in your VM and run the tool: C:\Program Files\Microsoft Virtual PC\Virtual Machine Additions\Virtual Disk Precompactor.iso
Then you have to shut down the VM, start the "virtual disk wizard" of VPC, select "existing disk" then "Edit an existing virtual disk" choose your vhd and finish it with “Compact it”.

Detailed description is available here:


If you are trying to build a cluster with sql and/or windows itself with iSCSI quorum disk, your iSCSI-target have to support the "SCSI 3 Peristent Reservation"-standard. In my case i wouldn't use the target from starwind and tested a few opensource targets the past days but none of them did support PR. I tested: IETD, SCST and Open Solaris iSCSI.

Now i'm waiting to get access to the target from microsoft wich is available as addon for the windows server datacenter edition that definitly should support PR. The problem with this that it's only available for partners and OEMs.


Happy new year everyone!

I took some time for myself, so nothing interessing to report so far. But it's a new year and there will be new bugs...
This year started glorious with a servercrash at my hoster and thereforce i have to spend some time on less interessting things.

How ever, i wish you more luck with your problems than i had!