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The mastermind atom has a very cool new feature upcoming in the next version of oclhashcat-plus. He calls it "multi-rules".

With them you will be able to combine an unlimited (as much ram you have) rules files.

Hey Guys,

I wanted to give you a sneakpeak to the latest oclHashcat-plus feature coming with version 0.07.

This feature goes back to an suggestion from Hash-IT, see here:

Again, thanks for this!

Since no other cracker have this feature, I had to find a name for it.

I will call it "multirules".

Instead of just giving one -r parameter and a file, you can now add as many -r's as you want.

But they are not just appended (or executed in serial).

They are combined. Each rule of each rule-file is combined with each rule of each rule-file (see original post above to see the details).