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If you are wondering why your vm isn't able to access the content of an iso file attached through a iso library wich you are able to browse and attach with no error in any log file it might be the case that you misstyped your path to the library. For example i had // but the real path case-sensitive is //

It took me quite some time of investigation to figure out that this was the problem. It was quite hell and really annoying since there doesn't appear any error in any of the logfiles and the worst part is that you are able to see the iso images in your xen center, only your vm isn't able to access the content.



Yeah..was kind of busy the past time and there wasn't really few interesting stuff that's worth blogging it.

On my customer wanted to use a tape drive in a vm for backup propose. Yes, you are right, basicly it's a bad idea to attach external devices to a vm...but you all know customers. :)
So, as Xen Enterprise doesn't support scsi passthrough i in first place tought about some scsi-to-ip-bridge wich are available but are not that cheap. But, if such a device can do that job, why not just create a iscsi target that does it?

I figured out that this wasn't quite that hard to configure and with the help of a nice guy who put a howto together it fitted quite fast.

First you have to get the DDK of your XenEnterprise version.
Second step would be to get and compile ietd with the rawio patch.
At last would be to copy the compiled ietd over to the dom0, install and configure it to give access to the scsi-device.

Here is the link to the complete howto: