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Something strange happened. After i applied the rollup 4 on another server the owa stopped working. First symptom was that if you tried to log in you've redirected to the login page without error. Second symptom was that event 2268 from w3svc-wp was logged.
In case of a broken logon.aspx i backuped up the auth directory. I took a look at the settings of the virtual host and changed the path of the ISAPI filter to the old one. Now the error was gone but still couldn't log in cause of the wrong path. At that point i got a little confused and tried to reinstall the rollup and recreating the owa direcoty without success.
After some research and thinking if found a few people who said that the passwords of the IUser and the IWAM user could get messed up or another security problem. Resetting the passwords didn't work but then i got the simple solution:
Edit the ntfs rights of the auth folder and give the authenticated user full access.

Another boring problem that wasted my weekend.


The SP1 Rollup 4 does its job on updating better then the Rollup 3 but still not 100% correct. If you have customized your logon.aspx it will overwrite your files but with some little errors who leads to a missbehavior. The page will indeed show up but does not proceed the logon and will redirect you back to the logon each time you try to login.
To solve this you will have to do the same as at the Rollup 3 update, put your original logon.aspx from Rollup 3 back in and let the Rollup 4 do its job. Then you can apply your patches again.
Same procedure as every rollup..


On fresh systems the CIFS ISO library will be broken somehow (i don't know if this applies to all machines, but all machine i know of...). You can mount your CIFS store but if you try to map a image to a VM it will just do nothing or issues a loopback error ("Internal error: all loop devies are busy").

The only workaround if've got so far is to install the old 4.1 version add the ISO library and upgrade it to 5.0, then it will work as intended.

I'm in contact with the support team and will update you as soon as possible.