Archives for: July 2008


There is a malfunction when you try to install the new Agfeo-TK-Client 4.1.0 on a Vista machine directly. It doesn't start at all!
You can work around this with the following tasks:
- temporary giving the particular user local admin rights
- install the old 3.*-version of the client
- force a server-side update by starting it and let the server push you the right file


A useless change was committed in the new version of RDP. If you want to connect into a console-session you have to give the option /admin instead of /console.
According to this you have to change your rdp-file
from "connect to console:i:1"
to "administrative session:i:1".


If you have modified the logon.aspx from OWA and apply the SP1 Rollup 3, you will probably get a blank page if you try to login to your OWA. I fixed this by applying the Rollup 3 on another machine and copying the patched logon.aspx to the productive server.

It might also work if you update the logon.aspx by hand. You will have to change the links from to, but i didn't test it.