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You might have noticed it, but for those who didn't (http://msexchangeteam.com/archive/2009/10/08/452775.aspx):

We are happy to announce that Exchange 2010 is Code Complete! Our senior leadership team has signed off on the final code, and it has been sent to our early adopters for one final look before its public release. This Release to Manufacturing (RTM) milestone means we are on our way to general availability and the launch at Tech·Ed Europe 2009 (http://www.microsoft.com/europe/teched/) in early November.

For those of you attending Tech·Ed in Berlin this year, be sure to check out the Unified Communications track, which is packed with technical content on Exchange 2010. And be sure to visit us at the Exchange product booth in the Exhibition Hall and let us know what you think of the product. Crystal Flores, who interviewed some of you on video at Tech·Ed North America earlier this year, will be on-hand in Berlin in a few weeks, armed with a camera and interview questions. A group of us are also marching to Las Vegas for Exchange Connections the same week where our fearless leader Rajesh is giving the keynote.

We hope to see you in Berlin or Vegas, but if you can't join us in person, tune in via the Web (www.thenewefficiency.com) to be part of the launch.

- The Exchange Team


this is a really interesting project: http://bit.ly/z4Pjw

they used a model that i've thought about, too. sender and reciever in the swarm don't know about each other directly, all traffic is rewrited through peers. i got instead a little more in the detail and would have the sender dynamicly connected to the last known peers before the reciever. this would also assure that the connections trough the swarm would change on and on again so that no 'synthetic bottleneck' and or "big route hosts" will appear.


hm...yea..this whole web-2.0-social thing pulls the crap out of me...in first place i suspect all that stuff and personaly keep a lot of stereotypes on those things and on people who live their extroverted life with that "i write some bullshit and you have to read it cause i'm so important" attitude...
but i have to admit that i've been convinced to register a twitter account for what in first place i'm really ashamed of...
if you want to follow my in most parts mindless comments on that strange 'web 2.0' for exhibitionists go here: http://twitter.com/kartan0


Just a little feedback...
The upgrade worked just fine. Everything worked except as i started the upgrade i had to disable a service wich name i forgott.

I'm waiting for Exchange 2010 with the new clustering features. Hope the installation went good for the most of you who have clustered setups of ex07...