Do you know the guy called flash? The guy how could move really fast? Atom made him look like grandpa as he improved the performance of oclhashcat's mysql-hash-mode from 6,9B/s to 34,7B/s (on a ATI 5970) today. That's an amazing increase about 500%!
It's now part of the 0.26 beta and will be released soon!


Atom made the changes public in the new release 0.26, the performance increase is absolutly amazing!


preview note: i managed to utilize the BFI_INT instruction on AMD GPU's 5xxx and 6xxx on oclHashcat v0.26 which gave a nice performance boost. afaik oclHashcat v0.26 is the first BFI_INT hacked OpenCL based program. here is a preview from a 4 x hd5970 rig:

MD5: 20.1B/s
SHA1: 11.1B/s
NTLM: 33.2B/s

i think this hack also make oclHashcat the worlds fastest SHA1 single hash cracker.

To give a little descriptions, BFI_INT is an opcode of the GPU that is not available in the compiler. Atom made a permutable kernel that builds and patches itself at the runtime to be able to use the opcode!



There is a closed beta ongoing with some deep deep hacks in it. The beta is exclusive for ati 5000 and 6000 series. performance increase in md5 according to atom is about 100%!

more details are following as soon as they are public.


Backtrack just updated all hashcat stuff to the newest versions!


A new record is set. Just two hours after i wrote the previous post it's obsolte.

The actual record setter is d3ad0ne with a box that contains 8 GTX.

Here are the stats:

oclhashcat multihash MD5 hybrid 10,8 B/s



(i will write up the exact parameters for the test to make a proper benchmark)