oclHashcat v0.26 - Beta update

Finally atom decided to go public with the v0.26 beta of oclhashcat.
The major improvement of v0.26 is the use of BFI_INT as described previous (hack of the binary kernels). The other great change of this version is that he managed to optimize his single hash reversing MD5 kernel in about two days so that it sets new records in performance!

To impress this here are the numbers of the benchmarks performaned on hd5970 at stock clocks:
- oclhashcat v0.26 9637 M/s
- ighashgpu v0.92.17.2 8561 M/s
- whitepixel-2 8275 M/s

VERY VERY INTERESTING: As addition i'm very proud to announce that atom found a weakness in SHA1 that exploitation will signifcantly improve the performance and will be implemented soon!

Benchmark of oclhaschat v0.26:

For more details take a look in the forum: