As you know atom is developing a new branch of oclhashcat called oclhashcat-lite. This version is dedicated to extreme easy handling, extreme optimizations of single-hash processing and it will be a research lab for atom.
The thought behind the lite version is that the user will soon get results by just entering the hash without taking care of masks, rules, gpu-loops or any of the advanced options that are available in the other versions. If the user then wants more options he will have the commitment learning to use the advanced versions.

One of the first questions that popped out of my mind as atom told me about the lite version was what will be the "predefined" attack mode? So basicly it will be a mask attack with followng features:
- 8 chars (cause that will hit approximitly 90%)
- lower chars
- digest chars
- some symbols

He constructed this because this will take approxmitly 1 hour one an ATI 5970.